Chrysler Pacifica: Best-in-Class Interior

Chrysler Pacifica consistently justifies its status as one of the market's most popular family minivans. Its spacious cabin seats the whole family and tons of cargo, a detail that our Energy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram team members with families really appreciate. Pacifica's interior has many other wonderful attributes as well.

Seating Configurations Galore

Pacifica seats up to eight, each of its three rows of seats boasting optimal head, elbow and leg room. If you don't need all eight seats, don't use them. Pacifica's interior design offers the extraordinary perk of 243 different seating configurations, letting you customize seating arrangements for any occasion.

?A Dedicated Vacuum

Chauffeuring kids between school, sports and events in Kindersley leaves plenty of opportunity for the Pacifica's cabin to accumulate dirt and snack debris. Pacifica's integrated vacuum powered by Ridgid lets you do quick detail cleaning and get the cabin spotless in record time. Between uses the vac stows away inside Pacifica's cabin wall.

See these and other interior features of Chrysler Pacifica. Pop into our dealership today for a quick, fun test drive.


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